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The Incredible True History of the World's Most Frequently Stolen Masterpiece.

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Flipthrough Guidebooks of Spain's Museums.

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Noah’s New Interview Series for THE DAILY BEAST, “How I Write” begins with his interview of Jodi Picoult
The Daily Beast
3 April 2012


Noah Charney
“Milijonski predujem proti dejanju strasti: Primerjava ameriškega in slovenskega knjižnega trga”
Air Beletrina (Slovenia)
30 March 2012


Noah Charney
“Guercino Exhibition Review”
26 March 2012


Noah Charney, Paul Denton, and John Kleberg
“Protecting Cultural Heritage from Art Theft”
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
March 2012


Noah Charney
“Martin Kemp Takes a Second Look at Leonardo”
ArtInfo (March 2012)


The LA Times on The Ghent Altarpiece
11 March 2012


Review of “The Thefts of the Mona Lisa”


Book Review for CAA Reviews
3 January 2012


Book Review for ArtInfo
“Christ to Coke” by Martin Kemp


Exhibition Review for Books & Culture
“Leonardo: Painter at the Court of Milan”
11 December 2011


“The Lure of Venice” by Noah Charney in Sotheby’s at Auction magazine (June 2011)


Noah Charney on ArtInfo, on the Truth Behind the Lost “Judges” Panel from The Ghent Altarpiece:


Noah Charney was invited by the charity Venice in Peril to talk about his twelve favorite things about Venice.  The selection was published by Venice in Peril in the Fall 2009. View PDF.



A collection of essays on art crime and its influence on all aspects of the international art community, including the art trade, museums, collecting, security, law, insurance, archaeology, conservation, and policing. ART & CRIME: EXPLORING THE DARK SIDE OF THE ART WORLD is being edited by Noah Charney and will be published under the auspices of ARCA by Praeger Press in 2009. All profits from the sale of this book will go directly to ARCA to fund their non-profit activities to protect art.



Ten Must-See Artworks in Seattle Museums
Seattle Met Magazine - March 2011

MacLean’s (14 October 2010)
"In Charney’s hands, the story of the various heists often reads like a political thriller."

“Provenance, Art Theft, and Getty Loot” by Noah Charney (13 Dec 2010)

Noah Charney in The New Yorker (13 Dec 2010)

Noah Charney on the Christmas 2010 Edition of NPR’s “All Things Considered

Inside the Book Tour
Published in Suite 1010

Five Art Crimes of 2008
Published in ArtInfo Magazine

Four Categories of Art Crime and Their Effect on the Art Trade
by Noah Charney for ArtInfo

Top Ten Must-See Artworks in Belgium
by Noah Charney in the Belgian Newspaper, Gazette van Antwerpen
(An extended version is also available here, in English)

Read an article by Noah in El Pais. (PDF Download)

Noah Charney Op-Ed on the Bill Reid Art Theft (view PDF)
The National Post, Canada 7 June 2008

The Scotsman Editorial
April 23, 2008

UIA Talk - Art Crime Fact & Fiction
By Noah Charney

"Steal the World"
ABC Article

"How to Steal a Painting"
El Pais


Noah Charney’s App Guide to the Art of Florence

Noah has written a guided tour of the greatest art and architecture of Florence, Italy for the excellent App developer, Pocket Guide. The resulting guide is now available for download through the free Pocket Guide App. Pocket Guide Apps use GPS software to help you navigate the city you are visiting and to find the major historical and cultural sites of interest. When you reach each new site, the guide knows that you are there and automatically begins to tell you about what you see. You can control the guide, listen to a narrator tell you about the site, or you can read the information yourself. The guides feel like having a private guided tour with an informed and entertaining professor.

The guide to Florence can be tailored to any length you like. If you have only a short time in the magical city of Florence, and would like some guidance to the must-see art of the city, then this is an ideal tour. It provides a sample of the best art of Florence, from world-renowned museums to treasure-house churches. For those who would like expert advice and guidance on which works are worth the journey, then this is the only guide you will need.

All of the major art sites are included in this tour, as well as many hidden gems. Sites include: the Duomo, the Accademia (and Michelangelo’s “David”), the Uffizi (and Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”), Palazzo Pitti, Palazzo Vecchio (including the story of the famous lost Leonardo painting that is being investigated in the Palazzo as we speak), the Ponte Vecchio, the Bargello (including Donatello’s “David”), the Brancacci Chapel (and Masaccio’s frescoes), and the churches of Santa Felicita and Santa Maria Novella, among others. The guide is written by best-selling author and professor of art history at American University of Rome (and author of The Secret History of Art blog series), Noah Charney, who taught art history in Florence for several years.