June 28 - July 2, 2012. Orvieto, Umbria (Italy)
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Whether you are hoping to write for publication, or are at the start of your writing career, this class provides what you need to know in order to get published or to improve your chances of turning your publication into a success. The class will cover strategies for both fiction and non-fiction--writers of both are welcome.

Though this workshop is comparable in content to a semester-long course (more than 25 class hours), it is condensed into a comfortable one-week workshop, with plenty of time provided to enjoy a relaxing holiday in beautiful Orvieto, an ancient Etruscan hilltop town in the heart of Umbria, just 45 minutes from Rome. The workshop offers a small-class environment as well as one-on-one tutorials with your professors.

Unlike most writing workshops, which purport to teach you "how to write," the Umbria Writing & Publishing Workshop focuses on the practical side of writing for publication: how to interest agents and publishers, the mechanics of publication and the publishing industry, writing effective book proposals and sample chapters, and much more.

Non-fiction books are sold to publishers based on a proposal and writing sample alone. Fiction is sold based on its first fifty pages and a plot summary. There are highly specific strategies and winning formulae to apply to these tools of the publishing trade, yet they are rarely explained or taught. This course provides what you will need to transform your book ideas into a form that is likely to spark the interest of the publishing industry.

Participants will complete the program with the groundwork laid for a strong non-fiction proposal or fiction writing sample, ready for submission to agents or publishers. In addition to the information provided, this course includes a workshop component to develop your proposals and writing samples under the guidance of your teachers, who include best-selling authors and university professors.

This master class will teach you the critical secrets of how to get published and make a career as a writer.